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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I contact Abby Designs to make my gown?
It would be best for you to have your initial consultation 4 – 6 months in advance of your event.
How should I prepare for the consultation?
Bring any and all ideas, photos, sketches, colour swatches (paint chips are great), and anything else you might have. For accurate measurement please make sure to bring the exact undergarments you intend to wear with the garment.
I have a wide variety of idea, how do you work with that?
We will sit down and go over all of your ideas. There are some design details that do not work together either esthetically or structurally. This will be determined as the garment is sketched out and decisions will then be made to make a cohesive design.
How much does a custom garment cost?
The price range of a custom garment depends on the design, complexity of the garment, and the fabrics chosen. At the consultation, or within a week if it is necessary to search for a particular fabric or trim, a through written cost estimate will be given to you. A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to start the process.
Can I supply my own fabric?
Yes, with my input as to type and yardage. I reserve the right to refuse to work with inferior and inappropriate fabrics.
Is a muslin necessary?
Not all garments will require a muslin. The more complex and detailed a garment will require a muslin. The muslin is a mockup of your garment in an inexpensive fabric. This will be your chance to see your design on you and will be your only chance to make major changes to your design without incurring additional expense. If major changes are made, it may be necessary to construct a second muslin. At this time you will be required to have the undergarments and shoes you intend to wear with your garment and the muslin will be used to give you the perfect fit. You are requested to leave the undergarments and shoes with me so they are available for future fittings.
How many fittings are required for the garment?
Once the muslin is fitted, two to three additional fittings are required. The first fitting after the muslin will fine tune the fit. The second fitting will mark the hem.
What happens if there is a weight gain or loss or if I become pregnant after deciding on a design?
That will depend on where we are in the process. I request you notify me immediately so that work on your garment can cease until I see you and we can make decisions on how to proceed. Depending how far along we are in the process, there may be additional charges for redesign the garment and/or ordering additional fabric.
Can you alter a purchased gown?
Usually, some sales people sell gowns that cannot be properly altered. If you have a used gown, that may have been previously altered, it may not be possible to father alter the gown. If you are looking at a used gown, it is prudent to take an alteration specialist with you to make sure the gown can be realtered.
Can a gown be restyled?
That depends on the condition of the fabric and trims as well as the design you have in mind.
Do you do alterations?
Both men's and women's alterations are offered at Abby Designs. Please keep in mind not all garments can be successfully altered. When you come in to see about alterations, please make sure the garment is clean and you have both the undergarments and shoes you plan to wear with the garment. Shoes and undergarments affect fit and hang. Please make sure to wash and dry and jeans several times to remove excess dye and allow for shrinkage before hemming.

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