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Abby Designs is located in downtown Safety Harbor, Florida. Call for a free initial consultation to transform your dreams into reality.

No matter what size you are—petite, standard, plus size or big and tall; we can help you get the perfect fit for any design. We design and construct garments for men and women, for all hard to fit types, tailor made to fit your body. Why compromise fit when you can customize it! You can experience a custom fitting with an expert designer who has been creating the finest in men and women's clothing for 20 years. Whether business, casual or formal wear, you are assured a fit that earns great compliments.


Abby has spent the majority of her adult life in various aspects of the sewing field. During that time she studied with international recognized sewing masters to constantly improve her skills. She teaches both locally at ASG seminars and nationally at the ASDP conference. She is a charter member and past President of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP), and has served the national organization as regional representative and membership chairperson. She takes pride in designing and constructing garments that meet the Standards of Quality for Custom Clothing endorsed by ASDP. These standards encompass the major areas of expertise a professional custom clothier must practice in order to consistently produce quality garments, including visual design, sewing technique, and proper fit.

The Process

the process

Having a custom garment made is not a difficult or intimidating process. The first step is for us to get together to have a consultation. At this meeting we will talk about all details you wish to include in your garment; you are encouraged to bring photos of garments similar to what you would like and with details you wish to include. If you are looking for a specific colour, you are asked to bring several paint chips in the colour you wish your garment to be. As you are discussing this with me, I will be sketching your ideas onto a croqui (human form) so that you are able to see all the details together.

the process

With the sketch complete with the garment the way you wish it to look, Abby may suggest some changes. These changes will always keep the essence of your design in focus. Sometimes, regardless of what you see on some of the fashion reality shows, certain garment details just do not work together and modifications will be suggested to make the garment work. Your unique figure may also require modifications to make the garment flatter your figure. Finally, especially with very revealing garments, suggestions will be made to allow you to wear the most comfortable undergarments and not have to work about them showing.

After we have the finished sketch of the garment, we will begin to discuss fabrics, trims, etc. and this is where the paint chips come into play. I have numerous sources of fabric and it is much easier to send off a paint chip asking how close to the colour they can come then trying to verbally describe a colour. Based on my knowledge, you will be given an estimated total price. If you wish to provide your own fabric that is acceptable. However, it is your responsibility to make certain the fabric is suitable for the garment and has no flaws. Unsuitable fabric can involve additional costs so that it can be made to work in the garment. I reserve the right to refuse to work on unsuitable fabric.

Once I have swatches to show you we will meet again and when you approve the fabric, you will be given a final price. To this meeting you are asked to bring or wear the undergarments you plan to wear with the garment as well as the shoes. You will be asked to remove you outer clothes to be measured.

Should it be deemed necessary to make a muslin (test garment) and this is necessary for all wedding gowns and most formal wear, this is the first step. This is your chance to see and your review all the details of your garment such as necklines, sleeves, proportion, and shape. Alterations will be made to this muslin for fit and at this time you able to make changes to the design of your garment. If need be a second muslin with the changes will be made. Once the muslin is approved, fabric will be ordered and work on your garment will begin.

It will take a week to ten days to receive the fabric and then time for the garment to be constructed. You will be called in for a fitting when the garment is about 80% complete. At that time you will try the garment on and we will make any adjustment to the fit and style. We may be able to mark the hem at that time or it may require another fitting. The garment will then be finished and ready for you to pick up.


I can't tell you how many compliments I received on my beautiful dress. No one had ever seen anything quite like it — Everyone was in absolute awe of you! Thank you again for all your hard work!


Just wanted to thank you for not only the pleasant experience & "pain-free" too, of having my dress made, but also for the lovely way it looks. Beautiful!


"Thank you" can not express how much gratitude needs to be shown to you for making our wedding dreams come true. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the spectacular job you did on my gown and the attendant's dresses. Words alone cannot describe the beauty in the wedding gown.

Melissa & Mark

Thank you for the beautiful job you did on the peach dresses for my bridesmaids. They are exactly how I had pictured them to be, and they look great on the girls! Thank you so much for the beautiful work!


We want to thank you so much for making the dress of Beth's dreams. It turned out the way she wanted.

Beth & Roy

Thank you for altering my wedding gown. On the wedding day it fit perfectly and the bussell looked great (once we found those little hooks!) I walked and danced freely thanks to your great talent.


Everyone complimented me on the beautiful gown. Thanks so much for making it a dream come true


Thank you for making the bridesmaids' dresses. The girls looked wonderful

Sharon & Matt

Thank you so much for my beautiful dress and my Matron of Honor's dress. We had many, many compliments. They say all brides are beautiful, but I truly felt that way in my wedding gown.